Green Elk Blog


To create structure in the chaos of personal GPS recordings, we propose the following entities:
Three core concepts: Point, Trackpoint, Track; three supportive concepts: Placemark, Placetype, Activity;
two collections: Places and Tracklist; two deduced entities: Segment and TrackCache. We also address
complications involving tracks: timezones, multi-activity tracks, multiple recordings of the same adventure, user errors and measurement errors.

The Green Elk adventure mapping software analyses GPS tracks and visualises them. Import gpx and CSV, export HTML, KML, SVG, GPX. Split track into breaks, compress them, create statistics on them. The Python 2.7 program is released under GPLv3 and makes it as easy as possible to use track data and derive value out of your track repository. It’s developed under OS X 10.7+, with an aim to be cross-platform.