Announcing the Trip Diary Map

I have good news for you! Green Elk has released a new mapping feature into beta: the Green Elk Trip Diary Map. We’ve developed it as a scratch-our-own-itch feature, and you may have the same itch as we do – to share adventure details without manual input and gain insight for planning better future adventures.

Venice, A kayaking trip in Venice, 2013

The Green Elk Trip Diary Map is a marked-up route map automatically generated from uploaded GPX files from most GPS and fitness trackers. It differs from other tracking apps in splitting your track into segments not according to fixed distances or times, but based on the actual breaks you took.

Our Trip Diary can tell you:

– How long was the stretch between the second and third break?
– How fast did we go on the last stretch, the one where we spurted?
– How much time did we spend on our lunch break?
– Where was it that we took the short rest when going uphill?

With our trip analysis, you don’t have to indicate breaks, speeds and durations on your map, we do it all for you. We show the distance, duration and speed of every segment of your adventure.

To upload your own maps, “Edit” any trip and choose the Edit Maps section. From there you should be able to upload your GPX files. Try it out!


P.S. A word of caution: Some overly smart apps have a feature that stops tracking your movement during breaks. Do turn that feature off! Some data is never tracked and thus not available for our track analysis.

A kayaking marathon in Nagu, Finland 2012; very windy, lots of small breaks

A one-day mountain biking trip to Nuuksio National Park in Espoo, Finland. Route 2000 is a mountain biking route that starts from Helsinki Central Park and goes all the way around Nuuksio National Park. We (me and Niklas) took the train to Vantaankoski and started riding from there. We rode all the way around the National Park, which ended up being exactly 82.0 km and took us over 6 hours! We were lucky enough to be accompanied by sunshine during the whole trip.

See more photos from the trip on Green Elk.

Trip of the Day: Provence

One week of biking in Provence, 12-18 October 2013! 700 km in 7 biking days. We (a group of four) flew in to **Aix-en-Provence**, biked over **Gorges du Verdon** and **Grasse** to **Nice**, took a quick trip to **Ventimiglia** (Italy) and **Monaco**, biked along the **Côte d’Azur** to **St. Raphaël**, and went back through the mountains to Aix-en-Provence.

Very little equipment. One handle bag with an evening shirt and long trousers plus an iPad. One saddle bag with a spare tyre. All documented in photos.

First Updates and New Features Now Live

The first updates and improvements to Green Elk are live! A big **Thank you** to everyone who have been part of the beta and given us feedback. Based on the feedback and our movement towards our vision, we’ve rolled out some changes – such as the new Interest Sliders in the personal profile.

## Web App Updates

1. We’ve updated our **main navigation bar**. Our goal is for you to **connect with People near you and by interest**, as well as connect with People through Trips that interest you. The main navigation bar now has **”People”** and **”Trips”** as two major actions that you can take. You can also add a new trip from anywhere on the site. **Messages** is now an icon, prominent and thus hopefully easy to find!

2. **People** and **Trips** have had a change in design as well. The “People” page is more about the *people that we recommend to you* based on your interests (see below) and location. Similarly with Trips, these are trips that we at Green Elk think you should check out. More granular searches for both People and Trips are available through the **Search bar**.

3. Based on feedback we’ve made **”Trip Details”** take more information and we’ve attached a character counter!

Web App New Features

Green Elk strives to be a **LinkedIn** for the Outdoors. We know that you have many outdoors interests, as such we’ve enabled **”sliders”** with which you can tell Green Elk how important different activities are to you. In the future, we will use this to customize your experience on Green Elk and beyond. With this information we will combine it with **location** data to serve you the *best trips and people* so you can go on exciting new outdoors experiences.

The sliders you’ll find **when you edit your own profile**. They’re displayed only when editing, not to others – they’ll instead see the number of trips you’ve posted in different activities. But we’ll do the matching based on your real interests!

We’re looking for *more feedback* and we’re *growing fast*. Send any feedback to

*Kaj, Sampsa, Dups*

Green Elk building community of outdoors enthusiasts, simplifies trip planning and networking

**HELSINKI AND MUNICH** – 2 Dec 2014 – Out-Sports Adventures Ab, a newly-established Finnish startup, today announced the availability of its Green Elk App to connect people together for planning outdoors adventures on iOS, Android and Web. Green Elk is released for key European outdoors sports markets, including biking, hiking, skiing, mountaineering and kayaking.

“As human beings, we are built for movement. Rather than sitting at the keyboard and in meetings, we are at our best when exploring the world around us, with our minds and bodies, and with our friends!” says Kaj Arnö, CEO and Founder of Green Elk. “Our mission is to promote the enjoyment of a natural lifestyle, where outdoors life is enhanced by modern technology, not substituted by it.”

Outdoors enthusiasts complain about their inability to find people with the appropriate interests, skills and fitness levels. Wouldn’t it be great if you knew more adventure-minded people around you, on your own level? Green Elk offers a visually appealing outdoors CV to share your past and future trips and experiences.

Planning multi-day adventures involve lots of preparation and coordination. In an ideal world, times, places, routes and equipment would be clearly documented for all participants, on mobile devices and the web. Green Elk offers a planning app that simplifies trip preparations for team organisers and participants.

“We welcome the establishment of a worldwide network of enthusiasts who want to enjoy the outdoors together.” says Manfred Lorenz, CEO of DAV Summit Club GmbH, the adventure travel subsidiary of the one-million-member German Alpine Association. “By showing their trips on Green Elk, our customers will inspire others to go outdoors. And the Summit Club is there to enable more challenging adventures than you can do on your own.”

“Retail stores are key players in the multi-billion-dollar outdoors travel industry, along the side of travel organisers, guides, and equipment manufacturers” says Simone Heer, Event Manager at the Munich flagship store of Globetrotter, a leading German outdoors retailer. “I welcome Green Elk as a movement that encourages people to go outdoors together. Adventurers sharing information drives further interest in the great outdoors.”

About Green Elk
Green Elk is a movement for movement, and a company for company. Under the Green Elk brand, the Finnish startup Out-Sports Adventures Ab is forming a world-wide community of outdoors enthusiasts, starting from its home bases in Helsinki and Munich. The company was founded by the former MySQL AB executive Kaj Arnö, together with his ex-MySQL AB colleague Duleepa “Dups” Wijayawardhana and the Finnish web designer Sampsa Vainio. Green Elk’s mission is to promote a social, fun outdoors lifestyle, that is healthy for the individual, attractive for business, and sustainable for the planet.

About DAV Summit Club
DAV Summit Club GmbH is the mountaineering school of Deutscher Alpenverein, and a worldwide special travel organiser for active mountaineering and cultural experiences. DAV Summit Club was developed from the Mountain Travel Service of DAV, created in 1957, into today’s worldwide specialty travel organiser.

About Globetrotter
Globetrotter Ausrüstung was established in Hamburg in 1979 by two globetrotters and survival experts, Klaus Denart and Peter Lechhart.
With turnover of 240 million euros in the 2012/2013 financial year, Globetrotter is one of the largest outdoor retailers in Europe.
The company currently employs around 1,500 people from 60 countries.
With over-the-counter retail in eight shops and distance selling through the website and catalogue, the company offers more than 35,000 items produced by some 1,000 brands. The print run for the catalogue alone was 700,000 copies in 2013. Furthermore, the company provides comprehensive information about travelling and equipment as well as reports on outdoor pursuits via its own Internet TV channel,, the websites and, and the outdoor community portal The customer magazine 4-Seasons, which appears four times a year, has the largest circulation of any outdoor magazine in Europe with a minimum print run of 400,000 copies.

Press contact

Web App for Green Elk now live!

**Slush!** The first snow has fallen in southern Finland. As you can see from the screen shot, our chief designer Sampsa Vainio promptly took the cue and went out for a mountain bike ride in the snow. Another thing you can see from the screenshot is that **we’re live** with the Green Elk Web App. I hope you’re as excited as we are!

**We picked the slush picture** for several reasons. One is the Slush Startup conference in Helsinki earlier in the month, with 14.000 people attending one event. All core Green Elk team members attended; Dups flew in from Canada, I flew in from Munich and Sampsa took the tram for seven stops. An inspiring event with a keynote by Finland’s very-outdoorsy premier minister *Alexander Stubb*.

Another reason for the slush picture is that we believe the joy of outdoors is something you can experience **in your own back yard**. Inspiring as it may be, jetting across the globe for a high-profile adventure is not a prerequisite for having fun together outdoors.

At any rate, the time has now come when anyone with a Green Elk account can upload their favourite trips. Hiking, biking, skiing, mountaineering – whichever of nine outdoors sports is yours, **now is the time to share the joy** of what you’ve experienced. Pick a few pictures. Give the route a descriptive name. Enter some base data, and **quickly bulk upload the pictures** – and you’re ready to **share your best outdoors memories**! Invite your co-adventurers from the same trip (I bet they’ve long since forgotten about the Dropbox link you sent them, with the pics). Share the trip with your co-adventurers from other trips (I think they would like to hear what you’ve been up to, outdoors!). **Make it likely that you’ll have as fun again** – perhaps in a new company, exploring a new venue or a new activity?

To start off with, we will be showing you **people from the entire world** and their trips from Muir Woods in California to the Finnish Archepelago to the coast of Vietnam. As time goes on, we will of course be **bringing it closer to home** for all of you. Let’s get started by creating trips and getting everyone you know around the world to become a Green Elk!

And **becoming a Green Elk is easy**. You can register and log in with your **Facebook** account, or create one based on your email address.

Looking forward to seeing you on Green Elk!

**Kaj Arnö**
*CEO, Green Elk*

P.S. We’re live. That doesn’t mean the app is perfect. Expect to have some issues! Clear bugs that we didn’t catch. Usability issues. We’d love to hear from you! To make things easy for you, there’s no stiff form for you to fill out. Just email us at **support [at] green-elk [dot] com** and try to make your comments easy to act upon. We’ll see what we can do to react to your feedback!

Bild des Tages 16.11.2014: Nesna

Bild aufgenommen am 21.09.2013

Nesna, Helgelandskysten, Norwegen

Päivän kuva 16.11.2014: Nesna

Kuva otettu 21.09.2013

Nesna, Helgelandskysten, Norja

Dagens bild 16.11.2014: Nesna

Bilden tagen 21.09.2013

Nesna, Helgelandskysten, Norway

Picture of the Day 2014-11-16: Nesna

Picture taken 2013-09-21

Nesna, Helgelandskysten, Norway

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