Green Elk Nagu Kayak Contest, Official Rules

Official Rules

The Nagu Kayak Contest will provide the following as a first prize:

  1. Two (2) return tickets to Helsinki, Finland from their country of residence. Should the winners be from Finland, this portion of the prize will be omitted. (max value 2000 Euro)
  2. Two (2) Return Bus ride from Helsinki to Nagu. (max value 100 Euro)
  3. Should there be a need, we will cover a night in Helsinki for two people. (max value 150 Euro)
  4. 5 nights accommodation in Nagu, Finland at Furuvik or other locations based on kayak itinerary for two people (max value 750 Euro)
  5. 4 days Kayaking around the Finnish Archipelago (max value 500 Euro).
  6. Breakfast/ Lunch will be included on all days in Nagu. On Kayaking days meals will be provided with consent of the participants.

This prize is not exchangeable to cash and must be used as is.

You must be a minimum of 15 years to participate, anyone under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult over 18 with written approval from their legal guardian if the accompanying adult is not their legal guardian.

The prize winners will be selected by a matter of a random draw within 14 days after the close of the contest, currently slated for March 1, 2016. The odds of winning are dependent on how many entrants and how many entries are received. The method of entry shall be one entry when the user account reaches 5 different co-adventurers for trips entered into the system during the contest period, and one entry per different co-adventurer beyond 5. Entrants will be screened for authenticity in submitted trips.

Prize winners will be contacted by e-mail and Green Elk messaging. Should the first contacted prize winner not be able to take the prize or not respond within 5 days, we will select a another winner. This process shall be followed until a definitive winner has been selected.

The winner can choose to take the prize between the months of May 2016 and September 2016 or between May 2017 and September 2017. If arrangements have not been made by August 2017, the prize will be voided. Exact timing will depend on availability of Nagu kayak guides.

No purchase is necessary for the prize, but an account on Green Elk is required. Individuals must note that Out Sports Adventures Ab is not liable for the cost of data plans, costs of doing trips that constitute an entry into this contest or any other monetary transaction resulting from attempting to enter this contest.

Secondary prizes may be awarded with different prize values at the discretion of Out Sports Adventures Ab. 

This contest is prohibited where prohibited by law and any prize acceptance may require the need for the winner to submit to a skill testing question as required.

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