The Green Elk Challenge

Today we are introducing the inaugural Green Elk Challenge. The TL:DR version: Go on social outdoors activity with as many different people as possible between now and 1 March 2016 and you could win an experience for two to go kayaking in the Finnish archipelago!

The Challenge

In the northern hemisphere, Summer has ended and Winter is coming, this is usually a time when outdoors activities lessen. At Green Elk, we’ve always been about the non-competitive aspect of simply going outdoors. And we know from talking to you all that going outdoors with people is what makes you a Green Elk. So let’s give you a challenge with a carrot so fun at the end that we hope more than the winners will eventually take advantage of it. The Challenge is simple

  1. Go outdoors with someone, document it with photos, tracking
  2. Post this activity / trip into Green Elk via web site or iOS app
  3. You score a point for each different person listed as a participant across all your trips between now and 01 March 2016
  4. Score a minimum of 5 to be entered to win the grand prize. A score of more than 5 will increase your chances of winning the grand prize!

The important thing: You need to document the trip/activity on Green Elk. The people you go on trips with must be on Green Elk as well (they get credit for the trip as well!). Trips must must be entered between now and 01 March  2016 but they can reflect trips done at anytime including from years ago. Solo trips will not count.  To be precise, if you post a trip with 12 different people and they are all on Green Elk, you will score 12, if you post 12 trips with a different person each time, you will also score 12. The maximum score is unlimited!

Tracking the Challenge

We’ve updated both the App and the Web Site to focus on tracking this challenge! As you post your trips your Challenge score will go up. You can track how you and your friends on Green Elk are doing. Also between now and 01 March 2016, we’ll be posting blogs that you can follow about the Challenge and its prizes which you can track directly from Green Elk.

The Grand Prize

Today we are only announcing the Grand Prize. We will invite two people from anywhere in the world to Nagu, Finland from wherever Finnair and its partners fly. But it’s not just airfare, we want you to have an experience from the moment you land in Finland. Kaj our CEO will meet you at the airport and because we are all about sustainability, we will navigate you to the Finnish archipelago through the Finnish countryside by bus. From there, you will stay with Kaj at his well-known Furuvik house in Nagu for a week from where you will kayak and traverse the Finnish archipelago, learning about its history, camping and discovering the culture, sights, sounds and food. From smoked fish from Börjes fisk on the beach to enjoying a traditional sauna, we will introduce you to the local people, take in the local culture and truly discover a part of the world few get to experience. And we will do it together, because the outdoors is more fun together.

Ready, Set, Go!

So start the Challenge. Go outdoors. Meet People. Grab your friends. Post on Green Elk. Win an experience in Finland!

Looking for official rules? You can go here!


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