The Usain Bolt of Climbing / Exploring on Snowshoes

(Photo by Steve Meurett)

Green Elk News Roundup Wednesday March 11. 

**Check out the Usain Bolt of Rock Climbing**

All about Danyil Boldyrev and the sport of speed climbing. Boldyrev climbs at an amazing 6.0 miles per hour or the equivalent of a 10 minute mile. This Ukrainian now holds the world-record for this sport. This article asks the question if this sport will become a new televised popular sport. Green Elk is not about competition, but certainly we do appreciate this man’s ability!

**Don’t ignore the Cross Country Skiers**

Did you know that the oldest skis found were in Sweden from 4000BC? Well, Josh Christie has written a column encouraging those alpine skiers to take up this noble (and much less expensive) sport. View the full article about skiing in Maine here!

**Exploring Wedges Creek on Snowshoes**

We at Green Elk encourage exploration as close to home as possible. There’s just so much to see. Steve Meurett a columnist for WisconsinOutdoorFun has this column about taming the cold by snowshoeing with his dog. Read the column here.

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