Fitness Wearables, Apple Watches and Magic Bullets

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Green Elk News Round Up for Tuesday March 10. Today’s news round up involves fitness wearables. On Monday March 9, 2015, Tim Cook unveiled more news, pricing and well all the missing details on the Apple Watch. Apple defined what it is for us to carry a portable computer. Our phones are now sensors for everything around us and yet, as much as we are now comfortable with technology being carried as we do our phone, taking a phone or running/biking/climbing with a phone is darn right annoying.

Enter the fitness wearable industry which has been growing by leaps and bounds every year and enter Apple to the party with a watch.

However, unfortunately while you can buy all sorts of devices, they are not a panacea for actually getting you fit. That is our third article today and brings it all back to Green Elk!

So today’s round up is all about fitness wearables and the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch

From Outside Online: Why the Apple Watch could become the ultimate wearable.


  •  The watch opens up the amazing App ecosystem that exists on the App Store.
  • The watch itself is nice to look at and we’re more likely to wear something not klunky.
  • A complete device ecosystem that does not suffer from fragmentation. App Developers are lining up to get on board: Strava has annoucned a version designed for the watch. Much safer than a phone.


  • Battery Life
  • Price
  • It will take time to get apps developed for the watch

View full article here

Christy Turlington launches Apple Watch Fitness Initiative

As part of the Apple Watch launch Christy Turlington was launching a fitness health initialtive “Every Mother Counts”. Watch and read about it here.

Do Fitness Wearables actually make you fit?

We at Green Elk will be exploring this much more over the coming months. Just getting and spending money on a Fitness Wearable will not make you fit, just like getting a gym membership does not ensure you will use said gym. This article from the Globe and Mail in Canada explores that. Interestingly one comment I’d like to highlight is:

“People have always understood that physical activity is important, but some need help in getting from knowing this to actually doing something, and I think apps and devices have a little bit to do with achieving that, because physical activity can be a social thing as well, and [apps and devices] allow people to join a like-minded community,”

And that is the premise of Green Elk, be social, be active, you will eventually become fit, beautiful, happy, and healthy.

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