Green Elk News Roundup: Friday March 6

1. Kayaking Around the World in 14 places

We at Green Elk are big fans of Kayaking. The Guardian (UK) this week has posted readers tips on the best places in the world to Kayak, they include The Soca in Slovenia, Vienne River, France, Bowron Lakes in Canada, and River Wye, UK.

Also in this list are places that we Green Elks have been as well and can attest to the beauty and fun of exploring there: St. Lawrence River, Canada and Koh Chang, Thailand. Itching to get outdoors kayaking? Check Green Elk for Kayaking friends and start planning a trip today.

In the mean time, do check out the amazing pictures and stories in this Guardian article

View the article here

Guardian UK

(Picture from Guardian UK)

2. Cycling the Donauradweb from Passau to Vienna

The spring and summer cycling season is about to start and Maarten Heilbron has a special article in the Toronto Star with the details of cycling an Austrian cycling adventure.

View the article here

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