Announcing the Trip Diary Map

I have good news for you! Green Elk has released a new mapping feature into beta: the Green Elk Trip Diary Map. We’ve developed it as a scratch-our-own-itch feature, and you may have the same itch as we do – to share adventure details without manual input and gain insight for planning better future adventures.

Venice, A kayaking trip in Venice, 2013

The Green Elk Trip Diary Map is a marked-up route map automatically generated from uploaded GPX files from most GPS and fitness trackers. It differs from other tracking apps in splitting your track into segments not according to fixed distances or times, but based on the actual breaks you took.

Our Trip Diary can tell you:

– How long was the stretch between the second and third break?
– How fast did we go on the last stretch, the one where we spurted?
– How much time did we spend on our lunch break?
– Where was it that we took the short rest when going uphill?

With our trip analysis, you don’t have to indicate breaks, speeds and durations on your map, we do it all for you. We show the distance, duration and speed of every segment of your adventure.

To upload your own maps, “Edit” any trip and choose the Edit Maps section. From there you should be able to upload your GPX files. Try it out!


P.S. A word of caution: Some overly smart apps have a feature that stops tracking your movement during breaks. Do turn that feature off! Some data is never tracked and thus not available for our track analysis.

A kayaking marathon in Nagu, Finland 2012; very windy, lots of small breaks

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