First Updates and New Features Now Live

The first updates and improvements to Green Elk are live! A big **Thank you** to everyone who have been part of the beta and given us feedback. Based on the feedback and our movement towards our vision, we’ve rolled out some changes – such as the new Interest Sliders in the personal profile.

## Web App Updates

1. We’ve updated our **main navigation bar**. Our goal is for you to **connect with People near you and by interest**, as well as connect with People through Trips that interest you. The main navigation bar now has **”People”** and **”Trips”** as two major actions that you can take. You can also add a new trip from anywhere on the site. **Messages** is now an icon, prominent and thus hopefully easy to find!

2. **People** and **Trips** have had a change in design as well. The “People” page is more about the *people that we recommend to you* based on your interests (see below) and location. Similarly with Trips, these are trips that we at Green Elk think you should check out. More granular searches for both People and Trips are available through the **Search bar**.

3. Based on feedback we’ve made **”Trip Details”** take more information and we’ve attached a character counter!

Web App New Features

Green Elk strives to be a **LinkedIn** for the Outdoors. We know that you have many outdoors interests, as such we’ve enabled **”sliders”** with which you can tell Green Elk how important different activities are to you. In the future, we will use this to customize your experience on Green Elk and beyond. With this information we will combine it with **location** data to serve you the *best trips and people* so you can go on exciting new outdoors experiences.

The sliders you’ll find **when you edit your own profile**. They’re displayed only when editing, not to others – they’ll instead see the number of trips you’ve posted in different activities. But we’ll do the matching based on your real interests!

We’re looking for *more feedback* and we’re *growing fast*. Send any feedback to

*Kaj, Sampsa, Dups*

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