Web App for Green Elk now live!

**Slush!** The first snow has fallen in southern Finland. As you can see from the screen shot, our chief designer Sampsa Vainio promptly took the cue and went out for a mountain bike ride in the snow. Another thing you can see from the screenshot is that **we’re live** with the Green Elk Web App. I hope you’re as excited as we are!

**We picked the slush picture** for several reasons. One is the Slush Startup conference in Helsinki earlier in the month, with 14.000 people attending one event. All core Green Elk team members attended; Dups flew in from Canada, I flew in from Munich and Sampsa took the tram for seven stops. An inspiring event with a keynote by Finland’s very-outdoorsy premier minister *Alexander Stubb*.

Another reason for the slush picture is that we believe the joy of outdoors is something you can experience **in your own back yard**. Inspiring as it may be, jetting across the globe for a high-profile adventure is not a prerequisite for having fun together outdoors.

At any rate, the time has now come when anyone with a Green Elk account can upload their favourite trips. Hiking, biking, skiing, mountaineering – whichever of nine outdoors sports is yours, **now is the time to share the joy** of what you’ve experienced. Pick a few pictures. Give the route a descriptive name. Enter some base data, and **quickly bulk upload the pictures** – and you’re ready to **share your best outdoors memories**! Invite your co-adventurers from the same trip (I bet they’ve long since forgotten about the Dropbox link you sent them, with the pics). Share the trip with your co-adventurers from other trips (I think they would like to hear what you’ve been up to, outdoors!). **Make it likely that you’ll have as fun again** – perhaps in a new company, exploring a new venue or a new activity?

To start off with, we will be showing you **people from the entire world** and their trips from Muir Woods in California to the Finnish Archepelago to the coast of Vietnam. As time goes on, we will of course be **bringing it closer to home** for all of you. Let’s get started by creating trips and getting everyone you know around the world to become a Green Elk!

And **becoming a Green Elk is easy**. You can register and log in with your **Facebook** account, or create one based on your email address.

Looking forward to seeing you on Green Elk!

**Kaj Arnö**
*CEO, Green Elk*

P.S. We’re live. That doesn’t mean the app is perfect. Expect to have some issues! Clear bugs that we didn’t catch. Usability issues. We’d love to hear from you! To make things easy for you, there’s no stiff form for you to fill out. Just email us at **support [at] green-elk [dot] com** and try to make your comments easy to act upon. We’ll see what we can do to react to your feedback!

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